How To Run Your Containers in the Cloud

Many organizations use cloud services. Many deploy network services as containers. And now, many are combining the two. Let’s look at the advantages of running containers in the cloud. Isn’t This Virtualization on Top of Virtualization? Yes! It has to be. There is no way to do what is defined as cloud computing without virtualization! […]
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Reality Versus Cloud Expectations

Last year I wrote something about maintaining realistic expectations about cloud services. Major cloud service providers have availability performance that can compare favorably to safety-of-life services like 911. But that doesn’t keep people from wanting even more… In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we discuss how availability is the toughest part of the CIA […]
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Security, Privacy and Compliance in the Cloud

I have been teaching Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing Technologies course for almost two years now. I also teach the Cloud Security Essentials course. Each time I have taught these courses spirited discussions have arisen concerning the separate but related topics of Security, Privacy and Compliance. For example students that come from a healthcare […]
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Microsoft Azure – Or Is It ?

Microsoft Azure, the umbrella name for Microsoft’s cloud computing services has over the past week or so come under focus because of the direct competition from Amazon who released Elastic BeanStalk for .NET as an alternative to the Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) and also SQL Server as part of their Relational Data Service (RDS) […]
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Microsoft Azure is Helping To Clean Up London’s Streets

Recently I posted about how the UK government were very slow in their adoption of Cloud Computing and as a result were missing out on potentially significant financial savings as well as more efficient ways of operating. This morning when I opened my newspaper there was an article headlining how Cloud Computing has helped transform […]
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