College Degree Not Required

When I teach Learning Tree courses, I ask participants about their experience and background in the field of the class. I am increasingly finding that when I ask participants in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction that question the answers involve work and education in areas other than computers or cyber security. Many come […]
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George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, Cyber Security and the Market

US President Obama has recently announced some potentially valuable cyber security efforts. A national cyber security policy is necessary and I look forward to hearing more about implementation of these efforts. In reading about cyber security and policy I recently ran across the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. According to the Mercatus Center’s FAQ, […]
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I didn’t think so

In our introduction to system and network security course a major emphasis is creating a “security mindset” – we want the participants to think critically about security. This can be difficult, particularly when security is not part of an organization’s thinking. Some companies are spending time and money on “security awareness”. The idea is to […]
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