Tools for Reducing Software Vulnerabilities

NIST, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, released a report last December, “Dramatically Reducing Software Vulnerabilities.” It has multiple useful and interesting ideas for improving vulnerabilities in software. I want to highlight two that I felt were most important. 1. Education There is no technological substitute for developer discipline. Education is not just […]
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Guidelines for Destroying Data and Devices

In the News Reporters and pundits alike in the US news media have been discussing data and device destruction recently. In particular, they’ve been discussing data destruction with, for example, BleachBit, and device destruction with a sledgehammer. I have not heard any of them discuss the rules NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) […]
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Take Their Advice: Disregard Their Earlier Advice!

The field of cybersecurity is filled with frequent dire warnings. Software vulnerabilities are discovered, accidents in design and implementation. Attack trends are detected, from criminals, foreign militaries, and pranksters. But a recent pair of announcements took an unusual new form. One of the most respected commercial names in cybersecurity warned its customers to stop using […]
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