How Much Will The NSA’s Prism System Cost?

The recently released summary of the U.S. government’s “black budget” showed that 35,000 people were employed and $11 billion spent annually in the Department-of-Defense-wide Consolidated Cryptologic Program. That’s a hefty sum, but it isn’t what I’m getting at. Nor is this about security risks posed by the voluminous revelations of NSA surveillance and subversion of […]
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The U.S. Government Has Lost Patience With Your Six Months of Privacy, It Needs Your Secrets Right Now — Part 2

I was writing about the loss of privacy for web-based e-mail last week. Then the PRISM news broke… Some calm public discussion of government surveillance of citizens appeared before the PRISM story exploded. As Bruce Schneier wrote for CNN in March of 2013, “The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves […]
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