How Can We Help Users Improve Security?

Maybe we should rename CIA. I don’t mean the government agency by that name. I’m risking heresy by saying that the tired old acronym CIA for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability isn’t sacred text. We talk about CIA in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course. Let’s take a critical look at it here. I’ve […]
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How Will Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X) Communication Transform Your Car?

A casual mention of Vehicle to Everything, or V2X,  in a mailing list, led me to a short article, and that led to much more. It made me aware of a project that may make huge changes to how we get around. Roads can measure cars in very limited ways today with inductive loops at […]
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Pokémon GO Privacy Concerns

I have never played Pokémon GO. I’d have to be very careful if I did. We live in a rural area with barbed wire fences, wild animals, prairie dog holes, and numerous other hazards. It just doesn’t seem like a safe idea. But I was also worried about the privacy concerns. Could the game track […]
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Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Wyndham Case

The US government is getting closer to being able to hold companies liable for cyber security breaches. Three years ago I wrote about a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission against Wyndham hotels (actually a collection of business entities). They alleged, among other things, that Wyndham used bad passwords, stored customers’ data unencrypted. After requesting […]
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Lew Gets It Right

This post might seem a bit US-centric, but the issues are really not specific to the US, they are global issues. The Hill ( reported this week on a speech by the US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew. According to that article and other sources, Lew made three excellent points worth repeating here. One […]
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