Lew Gets It Right

This post might seem a bit US-centric, but the issues are really not specific to the US, they are global issues. The Hill (thehill.com) reported this week on a speech by the US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew. According to that article and other sources, Lew made three excellent points worth repeating here. One […]
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Your Browser May Be One In a Million

This week’s post is on a bit of a different note. It is about privacy. There have been lots of news reports about privacy recently, and this post is about web privacy. In the past web advertisers have used browser cookies to enable browsers to display ads that they think are relevant to the viewer. […]
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Good News: Swiss Clouds Are Forming Over the Alps

As I wrote in September, there is little doubt that this year’s revelations of NSA surveillance will cause a drop in the revenue of the dominant U.S.-based cloud providers. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation released an interesting analysis estimating losses of $22 to $35 billion over the next three years, Forbes writers and other […]
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The Dark Mail Alliance is a Promising Cloud-Based Email Project

“We believe email is fundamentally broken in its current architecture.” That’s the CEO of Silent Circle, a former and hopefully future provider of secure cloud-based email, talking about the Dark Mail Alliance project that Silent Circle and Lavabit are working on. Lavabit suddenly shut down with little explanation and no warning in August. It became […]
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The U.S. Government Has Lost Patience With Your Six Months of Privacy, It Needs Your Secrets Right Now — Part 2

I was writing about the loss of privacy for web-based e-mail last week. Then the PRISM news broke… Some calm public discussion of government surveillance of citizens appeared before the PRISM story exploded. As Bruce Schneier wrote for CNN in March of 2013, “The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves […]
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