How do You Define “Completed Work” on Your Project?

Ever been in a situation where completed project work was not complete at all? Not a good thing for any project manager or for the project team.  Have you considered providing guidance to your team members and defining what “complete” really means?  Try asking your team members about their completed project work using one or […]
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Get the Job Done with PRINCE2® Project Logs and Registers

PRINCE2 defines a set of five management products used for recording project information relating to quality, risk, lessons learned, and other project issues. These logs and registers are key information sets that are used by the PRINCE2 project manager to augment their daily job and make sure things are on the right track. These logs […]
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The PRINCE2® Approach to Team Status Reports

Regularly scheduled status reporting can add some serious overhead to your project. It’s not always easy for a project manager to get the information that they need when they need it. How can you get your team members to provide you with the right information at the right time? Perhaps you should consider the PRINCE2 […]
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