The Project Leadership Skills Needed to Help You Succeed

According to the Major Projects Authority Annual Report 2015, Modern enterprises are currently faced with unprecedented levels of change which provides a constant threat to their success and, in many cases, survival. Greater ‘maturity’ in project and programme management is positively correlated to success in delivering the organization’s strategy and contributes to the speed of […]
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Emotional Intelligence: Your Four Advisers

The communication between advisers forms the basis for emotional intelligence. We function on the basis of four advisers: Instinctual (brain stem) Emotional or heart (limbic system) Thinking or rational (neocortex) Intuitive (The brain structure for this adviser has not been successfully located yet) Our four advisers interact by informing each other; they may overshadow, dominate […]
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Four Common Styles of Resistance to Change

People resist change because of F-E-A-R: Fear of failure of the initiative or project Fear of not being able to perform, not fitting in, or not being needed in the future Fear of the future Feelings of uncertainty Heightened sense of not being in control Other fears include Loss of trust or confidence due to […]
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Making Project Culture Work for You

Project culture is a system of shared values and beliefs that influence project team member behavior. The Determinants of Project Culture Often the origin of culture lies in the values, administrative practices, and personality of the project manager. Culture responds to and mirrors the conscious and unconscious choices, behavior patterns, and prejudices of project managers. […]
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The Seven Elements of Successful Performance Planning

Why is managing performance important to my organization? The performance of any organization is dependent upon the performance of the individuals within it. In order to grow and develop it is essential for any organization to grow and develop their people toward high performance. By recognizing and utilizing their strengths and talents and developing their […]
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