Requirements Management: A Key to Project Success

What is Requirements Management? “Requirements Management is a systematic approach to finding, documenting, organizing and tracking the changing requirements of a system.”  —Rational Software Corporation (Rational Unified Process [RUP]) Why Requirements Management? Requirements Management ensures that all customer needs are met and provides evidence that the work was performed and performed correctly. The Requirements Management […]
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The Five BIG Challenges of Eliciting Requirements

Not overcoming the five BIG challenges of eliciting requirements can have dire conse­quences for the success of your of your project. The challenges of poor requirements definition and management result in cost overruns, missed due dates, poorly designed prod­ucts and, ultimately, a failure to deliver what the customer needs. The five BIG challenges faced when […]
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Three Things Your Project Team Wants: It’s NOT the Money

On today’s projects, it can be difficult to find ways to motivate the team without giving them a monetary incentive. How can you keep the project team members motivated, engaged and passionate — without having to dish out extra money? Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Business School professor and author, writes in the Harvard Business […]
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Project Outsourcing Does Not Equal Simplicity

How’s that project outsourcing working for you? In my experience, entire projects or just some of the project work can be outsourced for a number of reasons.  Sometimes organizations are required to outsource project work due to a lack of resources, lack of skills or a need to reduce costs. Whatever the reason for outsourcing […]
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Using PRINCE2 to Achieve High-Performing Project Teams

How do experienced project managers create and nurture a high performing project team?  In my experience, a high performing project team has a mutual purpose that binds them together and ratchets their performance to an exceptional level that is more than the sum of its parts? In their book, The Wisdom of Teams, Katzenbach and […]
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