Requirements Traceability – Part 2 of 4: What to Trace and Why

Now that we have looked at and thought about requirements traceability and managing requirements at a high level in my traceability series part 1 post, let’s move on to some more requirements traceability details. The BABOK® Guide recommends that you trace your requirements at one or more levels, as you deem appropriate. The four suggested levels  […]
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PRINCE2® Professional Qualification: Been There, Done That

Now I know the answer to the PRINCE2 practitioner question “What’s next?” Earlier in February I headed across the Atlantic to be a candidate in one of the pilot sessions for this new offering. The PRINCE2 professional qualification is very, very different from sitting an examination.  Working in small teams, I spent two and a […]
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Recommended Technique: Root Cause Analysis

Project managers, business analysts and project team members often find themselves performing root case analysis to determine the underlying source of a problem. This structured technique is used to examine a situation in order to establish the root causes and resulting effects of a particular problem. On my projects, I have found that brainstorming is a […]
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Sitting your PRINCE2® Practitioner Re-Registration Exam

Many folks have asked me about what need to happen to keep their PRINCE2 practitioner certification current.  It’s pretty simple, really.  If you have taken the PRINCE2 practitioner qualification since October 2000, you are officially a Registered Practitioner.  To stay as such, you will need to re-register within 3 to 5 years of your original […]
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Using Activity-Based Costing and a Cost Breakdown Structure

Activity-based costing is seen as the most accurate way to build a project budget. While top-down estimation has its advantages, it is not as accurate as starting at the bottom of your project’s WBS and aggregating project costs upward.  Activity-based costing requires that the folks involved in the estimating activities have some expertise in the work […]
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