PRINCE2® and Your Communication Management Policy

When it’s time to figure out how to approach communication management on your projects, you need to start from the top down.  Step 1 is to establish a communication management policy and high-level approach that applies consistently across all projects in the organization.  Once that is agreed upon, then it’s time to figure out the details.   It is […]
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QUT Worldwide PRINCE2® Research Project Report

PRINCE2 is really getting a lot of much-deserved, positive press these days! There is an excellent report out from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia announcing their worldwide research project results. This research analyzes the impact of PRINCE2 on project performance. You can read more about it and download a copy of the report […]
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ProjectTimes Article Recommending PRINCE2®

PRINCE2 is a great starting point for building a project management methodology.  It provides us with a road map from start to finish, focuses on what project managers do to achieve project success, and orchestrates what balls the project manager has to juggle across the project life cycle in order to get the job done.  You can combine […]
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Does Being a PMP Really Make a Difference?

Many folks ask me if holding a PMP credential makes a difference in my work as a renegade project manager.  The answer, simply stated is “Yes!”  Job opportunities these days tend to filter out people who are not certified in their areas of expertise, regardless of their years of experience.  I have always viewed professional […]
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The 7 PRINCE2® Principles: A Closer Look

In my opinion, PRINCE2  (Projects in a Controlled Environments) is the best project management “road map” around for getting a project through a successful and controlled start, middle and end.  It is a structured, non-proprietary project management method focusing on controlling project costs, timescales, quality, scope, risk and benefits.   PRINCE2 uses an integrated framework of elements for successful […]
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