The High Cost of Poor Project Communications Management

Organizations waste US$122 million for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance — a 12 percent increase over last year! In the context of organizational project and program management, communications is a core competency that, when properly executed, connects every member of a project team to a common set of strategies, goals and […]
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Four Common Styles of Resistance to Change

People resist change because of F-E-A-R: Fear of failure of the initiative or project Fear of not being able to perform, not fitting in, or not being needed in the future Fear of the future Feelings of uncertainty Heightened sense of not being in control Other fears include Loss of trust or confidence due to […]
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The Seven Elements of Successful Performance Planning

Why is managing performance important to my organization? The performance of any organization is dependent upon the performance of the individuals within it. In order to grow and develop it is essential for any organization to grow and develop their people toward high performance. By recognizing and utilizing their strengths and talents and developing their […]
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Building an Emotionally Intelligent Project Team

“Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”  — Abraham Maslow How can you build and enhance team performance? You can achieve goals by leveraging the emotional intelligence of your team. And, you can develop transparency that increases trust and teamwork. FLASH: Emotionally competent project teams = greater overall […]
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The #1 Information Gathering Technique: The Requirements Workshop

Requirements workshop are a highly-effective technique, bringing users and developers together for a collaborative session. These meetings are designed to help groups overcome obstacles in gathering high-quality requirements. Workshops are best led by a skilled facilitator, and assisted by a scribe to document the business requirements discovered. What do you think a good requirements workshop […]
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