SIMply Vunlerable

A very talented security researcher named Karsten Nohl has discovered what could be a major vulnerability in millions of mobile phones. He’s found a way to extract a secret from the SIM card. (He found another vulnerability, too, that may be even more serious. We’ll look at that another time.) This vulnerability can be found […]
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Speeding Up Password Cracking

Last week I talked about how fast processors and GPUs made password cracking easier. The idea was that dictionary words could be hashed quickly and then compared to target hashes. This week we’ll look at a very fast way to compute the hashes along with a fast way to search them. A GPU or Graphics […]
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Your Computer is Too Fast

Yes, I am still obsessed with authentication. This article didn’t dissuade me. Earlier this week I was looking at password cracking tools to use in the hands-on exercise in Learning Tree’s introduction to security course. We currently use an older tool that cracks based on a limited wordlist (usually called a dictionary) and a tool […]
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