How You Can Avoid the User Requirements Dance

Asking questions is the only way to find out what the “real” user requirements are — what the other person really wants. But there’s a great deal more to asking the right questions than knowing the difference between open-ended and close-ended questions (in fact, there’s really no such thing as a truly open-ended question). Here’s what to ask that will let the […]
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The #1 Information Gathering Technique: The Requirements Workshop

Requirements workshop are a highly-effective technique, bringing users and developers together for a collaborative session. These meetings are designed to help groups overcome obstacles in gathering high-quality requirements. Workshops are best led by a skilled facilitator, and assisted by a scribe to document the business requirements discovered. What do you think a good requirements workshop […]
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Requirements Management: A Key to Project Success

What is Requirements Management? “Requirements Management is a systematic approach to finding, documenting, organizing and tracking the changing requirements of a system.”  —Rational Software Corporation (Rational Unified Process [RUP]) Why Requirements Management? Requirements Management ensures that all customer needs are met and provides evidence that the work was performed and performed correctly. The Requirements Management […]
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Requirements Elicitation

“Requirements engineering is primarily a communication, not technical, activity. Communication problems can begin early on if project participants have different ideas of exactly what ‘requirements’ are.”   – Karl Wiegers Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Why? Why not? What is Requirements Elicitation? Definition: the capture of user expectations and stakeholder constraints; the process […]
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The Five BIG Challenges of Eliciting Requirements

Not overcoming the five BIG challenges of eliciting requirements can have dire conse­quences for the success of your of your project. The challenges of poor requirements definition and management result in cost overruns, missed due dates, poorly designed prod­ucts and, ultimately, a failure to deliver what the customer needs. The five BIG challenges faced when […]
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