Requirements Traceability – Part 1 of 4: Managing Requirements Traceability

Managing requirements traceability is part of the tasks found in the Requirements Management and Communication knowledge area of the BABOK® Guide.  Traceability is an important characteristic of requirements, particularly in complex projects. Traced requirements have clearly defined and identified relationships to the other requirements found within the solution scope. Requirements traceability provides you and your […]
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Eliciting Project Requirements

Requirements elicitation targets gathering the right information to develop the project requirements.  The requirements for your project are the foundation for a solution that will be designed and deployed by the project and its efforts.  According to the BABOK® Guide, the tasks in the Elicitation knowledge area begin early in the project life cycle and typically […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Data Modeling

Data models visually represent the concepts that are important to the business, the information associated with them and the relationships between them.   The two most common types of data models found in the BABOK® Guide that are used by business analysts are the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) and the class diagram.  ERDs tend to be selected […]
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Recommended Business Analysis Technique: Nonfunctional Requirements Analysis

The BABOK® Guide recommends that business analysts use the nonfunctional requirements technique on their projects. Let’s take a closer look at this technique and how this is actually done. Nonfunctional requirements define the overall qualities or attributes of the resulting solution or solution components. They constrain how the solution requirements are to be met by the solution itself as […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Data Dictionary and Glossary

Thanks for the business analysis technique request! Here’s the response, straight from Susan. According to the BABOK® Guide, building a data dictionary and/or glossary during requirements elicitation is a key part of your requirements development efforts.  This technique is included in the 16 essential business analysis techniques found in the standard.  I agree with this recommendation to use this […]
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