Requirements Prioritization Technique: Timeboxing/Budgeting

According to the BABOK® Guide, there are five business analysis techniques you should consider when prioritizing your requirements during requirements analysis. I think that these techniques are an excellent addition to the skill set of any effective business analyst.  We have already looked at one of these techniques in a previous post, MoSCoW Analysis. The remaining four techniques […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Interface Analysis

According to the BABOK® Guide, interface analysis is a key part of your requirements elicitation and analysis efforts.  Interface analysis identifies the interfaces between solutions and/or solution components. This technique allows you to define the requirements for how the solution and its component pieces and parts interact with one another and with the outside world.  You will find […]
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Using Face-to-Face Techniques to Elicit Requirements

A wide range of requirements elicitation techniques exist for you to use during requirements development. It is essential to understand what is available to you and then choose your techniques based on your situation, your stakeholders and your organization. Consider mixing it up. Using multiple techniques to elicit requirements information can be very powerful and […]
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Requirements are Considered Traceable If…

I use a simple checklist to implement traceability on my projects.  I think it is important that all stakeholders understand what is needed on a project from a traceability perspective.  Traceability begins in earnest with the requirements development activities on your projects. I believe project requirements are traceable if: The source of the requirement is documented. Common […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Brainstorming

According to the BABOK® Guide, brainstorming is one of the 16 required techniques in the fundamental knowledge base of an effective business analyst.   Why would this creative information gathering technique be a required competency for a business analyst?  Let’s have a look.   Brainstorming targets creative thinking about a problem in order to come up with a […]
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