SQL Server 2016: R Integration Redux

SQL Server 2016 has now reached Release Candidate 3 (RC3). One of the new features that continues to foster interest in the analytics and data mining community is the integration of SQL Server with the open-source statistics toolset R. If you fall into this category, I’m inclined to suggest you remain patient and wait for […]
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A Problem with R

  The value of R lies in the enormous quantity of code contributed by analysts and academic researchers over many years, providing a packaged solution not only for common analytical techniques but also the esoteric and the obscure. The problem with R, and one that concerns many analysts dealing with large data volumes, is that […]
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SQL Server 2016 – Analytic Revolution with R: Part 2

Integrating R Scripts with Transact-SQL In Part 1, we discussed the installation of Revolution R, and confirmed that the SQL Server integration worked with a simple test. EXECUTE sp_execute_external_script @language = N’R’, @script = N’R_data_frame <- InputDataSet’, @input_data_1 = N’SELECT ”Hello, World!”’, @output_data_1_name = N’R_data_frame’ WITH RESULT SETS((MyColumn char (13))) Now let’s take a closer […]
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SQL Server 2016 – Analytic Revolution with R: Part 1

Architecture and Installation The folks at Microsoft have created quite a buzz with the integration of R scripting into SQL Server. In recent years, the open-source statistical program R has established itself as the de-facto statistics and analysis package for big data. But it has always been possible to query SQL Server from R using […]
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