Ten Essential PRINCE2® Approaches for Kicking Off Your Project

I am sure having fun thinking about things in lists of ten… it’s always nice to be able to count what you need to consider on your fingers. Here is a quick reference list of things to think about when starting up your project.  I use this PRINCE2-based list alongside almost any project methodology where planning is […]
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Illusory Measures – Part II

In my last blog I claimed that there is an epidemic of bad measures being applied within project management and that there must be a better way. As a proposed solution, I suggested building a “risk culture.” In a true risk culture it’s acceptable to call “unknowns” “unknown.” In fact, one of the main goals […]
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Illusory Measures

You can measure anything, but you can’t forecast everything. There are many project management people that strongly suggest the world of projects can be clearly planned, measured and forecast. I disagree with this commonly held belief and propose that we begin to accept responsibility for unknown scope.  Beliefs like this have only added to the […]
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PRINCE2® and Risk Management: Defining Your High-Level Policy

When it’s time to figure out how to approach risk management on your projects, you need to start from the top down.  Step 1 is to establish a risk management policy and high-level approach that applies consistently across all projects in the organization.  Once that is agreed upon, then it’s time to figure out the details.   […]
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