Risky Projects: What Batman Got Wrong in Batman v Superman

By all accounts, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” wasn’t a great movie. Project managers know why: It’s because Batman didn’t understand how to manage risks in a project. All project management begins from one simple principle, outlined in Learning Tree’s Project Management: Skills for Success  course: †No one can deliver an impossible project. An “impossible” project […]
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Effective Risk Response Plans

Effective Risk Response Plans In my last blog I discussed the three essential layers to a strong project management environment that lend to better communication and higher levels of collaboration, problem solving and ingenuity. This is the perfect environment for open discussions of risk and ambiguity in project scope and the establishment of realistic measures […]
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Training Value Proposition – Part 2

Part 2 In my last blog I discussed four common “training value propositions.” I suggested that organizations tend to see training and development as either a way to police, maintain power, leverage currency or sustain ongoing personal development. I encouraged you to support a culture that builds people, rather than focusing primarily on policing, rules, […]
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Managing Project Risk: Using the Art of Communication

Communication is integral to almost every aspect of a project life cycle. Communication problems are one of the number one risks to the success of projects worldwide. What can a project manager do to reduce this overwhelming risk?  The use of formal risk management processes provides a way to increase the odds of success by […]
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