SQL Server 2016: Temporal Tables

System-Versioned Temporal Tables For as long as there have been relational databases, there have been administrators who have needed to maintain a history table of row changes. There are many reasons for this; probably the most common is the requirements for auditing data if a particular row value is brought into question. More recently, there […]
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SQL Server 2016 Release: The Good News and the Better News

The good news is that SQL Server 2016 has been released and is now available. This version has been anticipated with some excitement since it eclipses previous releases in both the number of new features and the improvements and extensions to existing features. The better news, at least to developers like myself, is that Microsoft […]
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SQL Server 2016: R Integration Redux

SQL Server 2016 has now reached Release Candidate 3 (RC3). One of the new features that continues to foster interest in the analytics and data mining community is the integration of SQL Server with the open-source statistics toolset R. If you fall into this category, I’m inclined to suggest you remain patient and wait for […]
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SQL Server 2016: Choosing Your R-Chitecture

Enthusiastic data miners are excited about the new possibilities which have opened up with Microsoft R. Not everyone, however, has realized that the so-called “in-database” R is not the best choice for every application of R to SQL Server data. One database administrator expressed concern about R competing with SQL Server for precious RAM. A […]
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SQL Server 2016: Query Store Configuration

Introduction Some of the new features of SQL Server 2016, most notably the Advanced Analytics and Polybase, are unprecedented in earlier versions. In contrast, the Query Store added to SQL Server 2016 doesn’t so much add new features as make the time-honored tasks of query execution monitoring faster, easier, and more convenient. Once turned on […]
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