Sustainability Initiatives in Project Management

You want to incorporate something on “sustainability” into your organization and you’re not sure where to start. Although sustainability is becoming a hot topic and commonly used phrase in business circles, most people still aren’t completely sure how it translates into day-to-day business. I would like to propose a list of potential “sustainability initiatives” being […]
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Sustainable Product Development: Life Cycle Analysis

Sustainability is beginning to impact product development. Since products can be made from various materials it is important to consider how those materials influence sustainability. Peering into projects that are aimed to improve sustainability, the development process for a product is a prime focus. A growing concern, and required metric on many projects is the […]
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Sustainability Provides a Competitive Edge in Today’s Job Market

I often wonder how sustainability project management is impacting the job market, as it has become a need for many organizations. The incorporation of sustainability project management can give employers an opportunity to turn a new leaf and apply their projects in a more conscious manner towards the environment. There’s a great article by Kevin […]
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The Positive Business Impacts of Sustainability

Everyone seems interested in sustainability these days, from big-box retailers to city governments, colleges and universities. I am also a believer in sustainability and particularly in sustainability as a new knowledge area for project managers. As the world continues to pursue conservation and environmental projects to protect our planet, businesses and their projects are now […]
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Project Sustainability – Part 3: Planning and Execution

I would like to continue my blog on communication management and sustainability within the project life cycle. In my last two blogs I started this conversation on sustainability within projects. I’ve already discussed the initial communication planning and the typical kick-off meeting. Now, let’s look at the planning and execution phases of the project. On […]
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