3 Parts of Rewriting for Excellence

Writing clearly and effectively is difficult — in fact, there’s no chance that you’ll get it right the first time….which is why you get to rewrite. Rewriting isn’t about fixing your mistakes, rewriting is about adding excellence. Here’s a three-part plan for doing rewriting right.My buddy Mal Stiefel once said he was never at a loss for words […]
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To Jargon or Not To Jargon: When to Use Technical Vocabulary

Deciding on whether to use technical vocabulary in your document comes down to answering two questions: “Who’s reading your document?” and “What are you trying to accomplish with your document?” Here’s how to answer those two questions (plus: How to write a great definition). We’ve all tried to read documents that were so full of […]
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How to Say Something Actually Useful: The Reality Show Version

Scott McGillivray, the host of “Income Property,” is a very smart guy. But even Scott can make mistakes. In one episode he starts by passing on some useless information to his homeowners. Fortunately, he recovers and provides a model for what great communication looks like: Don’t talk about what you know. One of the reasons […]
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How to Write Great Instructions

Here’s how to write instructions that your readers will actually be able to use, regardless of whether it’s how to get to your house to how to disarm a nuclear bomb. The instructions in the picture have got to be intimidating: It’s a solid wall of text where, presumably, you either get everything completely right […]
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Two Steps to Ensure Your Document is Read

Here are the four facts that describe how people actually read your business or technical document – and, based on those facts, the one tool you need to get your potential audience to actually read your document. Here’s a fact we don’t think about much: Unlike you, your readers haven’t read your document. As a result, […]
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