Negotiations: Eight Strategies to Get Past an Impasse, Part 2 of 2

In my last post, we looked at 6 strategies to get from No to Yes in your negotiations.  However, on the road from No to Yes, you’re likely to reach one (if not several) impasses, where one or both of you are digging in your heels and you’re not making progress. First, take a break […]
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Negotiations: Six Strategies to Get Past No to Yes, Part 1 of 2

Negotiation expert William Ury has six strategies for getting someone past saying “no” – and therefore getting them on the road to “yes.” Go to the balcony. Imagine yourself as a spectator to the negotiation. This helps you control any emotions that you have (and we all have emotions, we’re human) and it may help […]
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Negotiation Strategies & Why There are No Failed Negotiations

As the NFL demonstrates, a negotiation isn’t a failure if you don’t reach an agreement. A negotiation can be a failure only after you reach an agreement. Plus: What you need to know about the other party to reach a truly successful agreement. When you’re negotiating, it’s tempting to think that if you don’t reach an agreement […]
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Writing to Persuade: Three Kinds of Evidence You Need

You can learn a lot about being persuasive from two sources: The current state of American political parties and commercials for headache remedies. At the start of 2015, the president of the United States faces a difficult problem: He must deal with a legislature controlled by the opposing party. Obviously, since the president can veto […]
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The 5 Steps of Collaborative Bargaining

I am a big fan of collaborative bargaining when it comes to negotiating at work and with family or friends. Maintaining a good relationship with the other party in those negotiations is one of the desired outcomes I strive to achieve. If the other party also wants to preserve our positive work or personal relationship, […]
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