Exploring SQL Server File I/O with Xperf

Xperf is designed for hardcore Windows programmers and systems analysts, but it can also be an invaluable tool for SQL Server developers and admins who need to find very detailed answers as a part of some performance evaluation. However, Xperf is also great fun for those SQL Server folks who just want to throw up […]
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Exploring SQL Server CPU Usage with Xperf

In previous blogs, we took a look at how to install Xperf, and how to use it to look at file I/O. For SQL Server administrators, a potentially important use of Xperf is to examine the consumption of CPU cycles, particularly when tools like the performance counters are showing high CPU use, but the reason […]
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Examining SQL Server Xperf: The Performance Microscope

Xperf – The Performance Microscope The standard triad of SQL Server performance monitoring: Dynamic Management Views, performance counters, and trace, provide the bulk of the information necessary for routine performance data collection. There are times, however, when a more powerful tool is needed. Perhaps you need to determine exactly what tasks are causing a wit, […]
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