Ten Things to Include in Your Project Management Plan

A buddy of mine recently asked me to list the top ten things I try to include when building a project management plan.  Since the plan is way more than a schedule (think “project road map with some detailed instructions in certain areas”), I had to put my thinking cap on and prioritize my favorite project management plan pieces and parts.  After some thought, here’s my list…

Does your project management plan contain…

  1. A description of your selected project management approach,  including your selected project life cycle and any project phases?
  2.  A project scope statement with well-defined and agreed-upon objectives and deliverables?
  3.  How the work will be done to accomplish the project objectives?
  4.  How changes will be monitored and controlled?
  5.  How configuration management will be performed?
  6.  Milestones, resources, and a risk register?
  7.  Your project’s communication needs and techniques?
  8.  All key management team review points and content of those reviews?
  9.  All identified and analyzed project stakeholders?
  10. All other necessary subsidiary management plans, such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, process improvement, staffing, risk management, and/or procurement?

Just for fun, here’s my eleventh item that got chopped out of the top ten: How about the project’s cost quality and schedule baselines? How will the integrity of these performance measurement baselines be maintained and used on your project?

I am curious, what would your eleventh item on this list be?

Susan Weese

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