Testing and Tracking Alpha Issues


This week has been incredibly busy as we carried out the Alpha test of our SharePoint 2010 Introduction course

If you are testing and giving feedback about a project, one list you may want to look at is the issues list


This allows you to report issues, assign them and track them. Many people use spreadsheets for such tasks however these invariably get lost on old file shares and vary in format over time. Centralizing your content in a common form brings many benefits. Starting by using a list such as this can immediately bring benefits such as knowing the data is being backed up, being able to search across many items, being able to apply workflows to the data, security and most of all visibility (it can be found easily in your site).

If you need extra columns for company specific data then these can be added. If groups of columns are showing up repeatedly in different lists and libraries, or better still in your requirements analysis, then you can create what are known as content types which allow a whole new level of consistency in your data. These will be explained in the course

Course Update

The Alpha is where we test the exercises and review the course notes to ensure they all work, make sense and finish off any pieces that need to be in place of the course pilot.

As mentioned previously we need to exchange a lot of information and track the progress. Naturally SharePoint is ideal for this and so Dux has been uploading documents to a ‘Document Library’


This has the usual document management features enabled. A key aspect of this is versioning whereby Dux can create a document that I then modify. If we need to go back to a previous version then we simply roll back.


Next Step

The next step in the course development is the Live Pilot  in Washington April 13-16 ! when we will find out did we get it right and did the testing pay off.

Naturally SharePoint provides a way for us to get such feedback – the Survey List.

Respondents answer questions similar to the following clip_image008

and then we can analyse the feedback!


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