The Project Manager’s Job Description Checklist

Many times I have been hired to manage a project without a clear description of my own responsibilities and accountability within the organization. Here is a job description checklist that I use as a starting point when defining my roles as the project manager with the project sponsor, key stakeholders and the project management team.  The results of applying this checklist could easily be used as guidance to develop content for the project charter document.

 The project manager’s responsibilities on this project include: (Check all that apply and add additional responsibilities if not listed)

  • Be the primary point of contact for key project stakeholders
  • Ensure all team members know and have agreed to their responsibilities
  • Track individual team member performance
  • Track overall project performance
  • Prepare a detailed project plan for the overall project
  • Prepare a detailed project plan for each project phase, as needed
  • Obtain agreement to final project plan from key decision makers
  • Obtain agreement to project phase plans from key decision makers
  • Maintain project binder containing all pertinent project data
  • Report project status to management at agreed-upon intervals
  • Other? __________________________________________

The project manager’s level of authority on this project includes: (Check all that apply and add additional authorizations if not listed) 

  • Authority to direct the project team
  • Access to (sponsor, customer name) on all matters related to this effort
  • Access to the functional managers on all matters related to this effort
  • Control of the project budget
  • Access to financial reports on project expenditures
  • Ability to negotiate/delegate responsibility to functional team members
  • Other? ____________________________________________          

Hope you find this a helpful start to defining your project management role if things are a bit murky in the beginning of your project effort!

Susan Weese

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