You Take the High-Res Road and I’ll Take the Low-Res Road

There’s a brand new game available on the App Store, especially for iPad developers. There’s no need to download it — it comes free with Xcode and a developer account! Here’s the idea: Create an app for the iPad and try to decide whether you should increase the resolution of your artwork to suit the […]
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Object-Oriented Design in iPhone and iPad Programming

Something I enjoy about teaching for Learning Tree is that, despite using basically the same materials for a given course, every class ends up being slightly different. That’s down to the people that come on the course, the experience they bring to the class and how they interact as a group. The best courses end […]
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New iPhone in the Pipeline?

Rumours continued to strengthen this week that Apple are having 4″ (~10cm) screens manufactured for a new generation of iPhone. Current iPhone displays measure 3.5″ (~9cm) across the diagonal. Apple and rumours go together like salt and pepper of course (and many of them can be taken with a pinch of the former) but reports […]
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Version Control for iOS Projects

Why Version Control Is Important Imagine the situation: You’ve created an app for the iPhone or iPad, tested it and submitted it to the App Store. It’s going well. People are downloading it and giving it good reviews. In fact it’s going so well that you’ve decided to concentrate all your development time on adding […]
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Companies Are Grooming More Women for the Corner Office

“Companies are grooming more women for the corner office.” So says the Wall Street Journal in a recent article about the success and the future of women CEOs here in the US. That’s great news for women in leadership roles today or young women aspiring to lead a company of any size on the road […]
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