Amazon and Eucalyptus Partnership: A Boost for Hybrid Cloud Development

I was extremely pleased to hear that Amazon and Eucalyptus have partnered to provide formal support of their common API’s. I am certain I will not be the only one who finds this news exciting. Anyone who has attended Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course will have gained hands-on experience of working with a Eucalyptus private cloud. They will have learned the capabilities of this cloud and that Eucalyptus have an API that is compatible with Amazon AWS. This formal support agreement will enable the expansion of the API as well as the formality of the partnership bringing great credibility to the Eucalyptus cloud software.

Many organisations make use – or could make significant use – of on-premise (private) clouds as well as public clouds. Doing so often requires different toolsets and technical skills for efficient working. This partnership will now enable a uniform toolset and skill set to be used to access both the private and public clouds. Because of the wide range of services Amazon AWS provides, a wide range of infrastructure configurations could be rapidly self-provisioned including on-premise Eucalyptus and Amazon private cloud, on-premise Eucalyptus and Amazon public cloud or a mixture of on-premise Eucalyptus and Amazon public and private clouds.

Why would a mixture of on-premise Eucalyptus and Amazon cloud services be required ? There are many reasons for this. For instance, for periods of peak demand, where the on-premise infrastructure may not be sufficient, Amazon could be used to provide the extra required capacity. Another may be that services not provided by Eucalyptus are required but are available on Amazon and so Amazon is used. Some services may be better deployed to an Amazon cloud than on-premise – for security reasons. There are many, many reasons why a hybrid solution may be the preferred solution. What is clear is that this partnership, will, in my opinion, make the decisions easier to make because of the transparent switch from one to the other based on the common API’s and toolsets.

For anybody interested in learning more about Cloud Computing, the different types of cloud configurations, the way they can integrate – or not – consider attending Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course. Here you will gain an exposure to a wide variety of cloud computing products and services and importantly their strengths and weaknesses – all from a vendor neutral view. For Amazon AWS you will get a coverage of the services provided and also for Eucalyptus together with experience of using the toolsets to provision resources from these clouds. For related courses, check out Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services and Implementing a Private Cloud Solution.

Chris Czarnecki

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