Amazon Dispels Cloud Computing Myths

The Learning Tree Cloud Computing training course has a section that considers cloud computing myths. My experience of teaching the class and the wide variety of misconceptions I encountered led me to write a white paper on these Cloud Computing myths. On this theme I was interested to hear Adam Selipsky, vice president of Amazon Web Services dispel what he termed the five most persistent Cloud Computing myths. Despite Amazon being the the first company to provide and make a profit from Cloud Computing services, they are still having to constantly handle questions on the reliability, security, elasticity, costs etc of the cloud. I thought it would be interesting to highlight the 5 myths Adam Spelinsky dispels.

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Building our own, on-premise cloud is better
  • All IT has to be moved to the cloud or nothing
  • Cost is the major driver of cloud adoption

Most of the above concerns are related to a feeling of losing control. Experience shows that people like to be in control. Being able to walk down the corridor and see their servers, speak to the system administrators gives people a feeling of being in control. This does not mean things do not go wrong with on-premise facilities or in the cloud. Amazons cloud is pretty reliable – it also has features such as availability zones, regions, versioning all of which increase reliability compared to many on-premise facilities. The analogy thats summarises the control aspect best to me is that people feel safer driving a car than travelling on a plane as they are in control in a car. The reality is that statistically travelling by plane is much safer !

With all these myths and concerns about Cloud Computing, it can be difficult to understand wether the cloud is right for your organisation. In addition, Amazon for example only provide Infrastructure as a Service – there is also Platform and software services to consider. If you want to gain an unbiased, vendor neutral in-depth appreciation of Cloud Computing and its potential for your organisation, why not consider attending the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course. If you are interested dispelling the myths why not take a look at the white paper I put together.


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