Amazon EC2 High Performance Cloud Computing

I recently commented on the Amazon AWS rapid rate of innovation. On a similar theme comes todays announcement of Amazon Compute Cluster instances for Amazon EC2. These instances are specifically designed for High Performance Computing applications and network bound applications.

During a recent teach of Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing course, when discussing architectures, topologies and solutions for large scale computing the subject of using EC2 arose. One of the key questions raised by attendees was : how long would it actually take to commission such a solution on Amazon EC2 ? The answer to this question has now been significantly simplified with the launch of the EC2 Cluster Compute Instances.

Cluster Compute Instances provide similar functionality to standard EC2 instances but have been engineered to provide higher compute and network capacity. They provide more CPU than any other instances and can be easily clustered to create the tightly coupled, low-latency compute facilities which can be up to ten times the performance of any current EC2 instance type.

Amazon have a couple of excellent articles on the new features, available at and also on running HPC applications. As author of the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course, keeping track of the latest innovations certainly keeps me busy, as does the resultant work to update the course to ensure attendees receive content that reflects the state of the art. If you would like to find out how your organisation would benefit from these innovations why not register for 3 enjoyable and informative days. You may never view IT in the same way after attending – and I mean this in a positive way !


Cloud Computing Promises: Fact or Fiction?

Cloud computing is currently making information technology headlines, and vendors are aggressively promoting the many benefits it can provide organisations.  These benefits appear so compelling that on the surface it seems all IT can and should be moved “into the cloud”.  Upon closer inspection, however, for every benefit cited, questions can also be raised.  This White Paper by Chris Czarnecki addresses the claims and questions that are often raised in relation to cloud computing and provides a clear view of what the cloud can—and can’t—deliver in reality.  Download your copy here!

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