First Run of Learning Tree Course – .NET 4 Programming

A couple months ago, I wrote about a new class that Learning Tree was developing,” .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers: Hands-On.” (See my prior post: New Learning Tree .NET Course for Experienced .NET Developers.) Today, I’m attending the beta run of that course, which is being taught by the author, Gérard Frantz.  Gérard […]
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Creating Amazon EC2 Machine Instances (AMIs) for Test Servers

Recently, I had to add some features to one of my servers running on Amazon EC2.  Not surprisingly, I was afraid I might break something that was already deployed.  So, I needed a test server. A test server should, ideally, be exactly like the production server being tested — same hardware, same version of the operating […]
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Using EC2 Micro Instances for ASP.NET Hosting

I’m the author of Learning Tree course 502: Programming with .NET: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction.  The case study in that course has the students create a program called Flash Cards, which is intended to help kids learn basic math skills.  Good case studies are hard to come up with.  They need to be complex enough to […]
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Understanding Amazon EC2 Security Groups and Firewalls

When launching an Amazon EC2 instance you need to specify its security group.  The security group acts as a firewall allowing you to choose which protocols and ports are open to computers over the internet.  You can choose to use the default security group and then customize it, or you can create your own security […]
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Save Even More with Amazon EC2’s Micro Instances

Yesterday I wrote about how we are going to save money using an open source CRM package called SugarCRM and Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service.  See the post: Saving Money Using the Cloud and Open Source Software. The bottom line was that we were going to be able to implement a CRM system for only […]
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