Managing Service Availability: Enlisting Customers’ Help May be Your Best Bet

Ideally, as part of the service reports your customers receive, the measure of service availability over the last reporting period should be provided. Whenever I make this statement in a course, attendees often ask, what’s the best way to manage service availability? This is a question that most often comes from those faced with a […]
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Change Management: A love and hate relationship – Part 2

As change managers, we should be aware of the possible emotions we could face during the process of change management. As promised at the end of Part 1, we are going to take a look at some common emotional reactions of IT staff during the change management process, and what we as change managers can do […]
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Change Management: a Love-Hate Relationship – Part 1

Change management is a process that sometimes gets tagged as bureaucratic or too difficult to follow. Questions raised within IT may include: Why does it take so long to introduce a change? Why is the change manager asking so many questions? Why does this change require the involvement of all stakeholders? I’ve been to a […]
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BlackBerry Syndrome: Have you been diagnosed? – Part 2

As promised at the end of Part 1, I’m back again to provide you with an example of a student who took full advantage of the break. The student in this example had recently joined a leading IT service account management organization where he was having issues with managing certain external customers. He hoped that […]
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BlackBerry Syndrome: Have you been diagnosed? – Part 1

At a recent class, I asked the students to take a 10 minute break. So what was the first reaction from my fellow students? Was it rushing out the door to get the strongest black coffee ever made? Was it actually looking for nearest exit? Actually no, it was if the class had practiced a […]
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