Short-Term Wins: A Sprinkle of Constant Value in ITIL® Implementation

When implementing ITIL we have to ensure a balance is made between short-term and long-term wins. A good starting point is to arrange a workshop with all your key stakeholders to identify the outcome required from the implementation. Working backwards from the outcome will allow you to set targets and therefore the necessary milestones that […]
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Study Tips for the ITIL Foundation Exam

In today’s blog I’ll highlight tips to help you prepare for the ITIL Foundation Course. To ensure the best experience and that you pass your exam, you’ll want to be prepared. Before the course It’s important to review the topics that will be covered in the course, and Learning Tree International will provide pre-requisite material. […]
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ITIL® Implementation: Which Process Do I Start With?

This is a classic question that is asked by a number of students on our ITIL courses! Unsurprisingly, the answer is, “It depends.” The first step is to create a baseline. This can be done by assessing the resources and capabilities. From there appropriate targets can be set as to what is required to be […]
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ITIL® Service Delivery: How to Meet Customers in the Middle and Stay on Task

How many times have you received a request from a customer only to have to repeat the process or do additional projects afterwards? Often my students lament that they will have completed a service request only to have to return to the same project again and again. Part of the problem is that we may […]
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ITIL® Training: Public or On-Site?

I recently carried out an event in Portugal and was asked the question by a client as to whether they should arrange public course training or on-site events. Both have a number of advantages, described below. Public Course Benefits: Public (in-person) courses provide an opportunity to share best practice knowledge with other delegates in the […]
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