How to Implement Temporal Validity in an Oracle Database

Overview of Temporal Validity Temporal Validity is also referred to as Valid Time Support.  The objective is to allow tables to have one or more valid time dimensions.  That is, the data is visible (“valid”) depending on its time-based validity.  The valid time is determined by start and end dates or timestamps of a valid […]
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How to Manage the Flashback Data Archive

In this post, we will continue with the theme of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). Through ILM, I will be discussing how to successfully manage the Flashback Data Archive. Maintaining the Flashback Data Archives To add space to an existing archive: ALTER FLASHBACK ARCHIVE two_year_archive ADD TABLESPACE archive_two QUOTA 2G; To change the retention time: ALTER FLASHBACK ARCHIVE two_year_archive […]
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How to Use Temporal History in Oracle 12c to Track Changes Over the Lifetime of a Table

In this posting, we are continuing with the theme of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). As mentioned in an earlier posting, there usually comes a point during the lifecycle of the data when it is no longer being regularly accessed: May be obsolete and is eligible for purging Might be needed in the future but could […]
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How to Use In-Database Archiving

In this posting, we are continuing with the theme of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).  Another option in Oracle 12c, is In-Database Archiving, also called Row Archival. Why In-Database Archiving The simple goal of in-database archiving is to assign values to the data based on business rules of whether the data is current or marked as […]
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How to Manage Automatic Data Optimization (ADO)

In this last posting on Automatic Data Optimization, we will look at issues related to monitoring and managing Automatic Data Optimization (ADO).  Displaying Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) Policies Several dictionary views are available to verify configured policies. DBA_ILMPOLICIES provides the list of all policies and their respective ENABLED status:The DBA_ILMDATAMOVEMENTPOLICIES view contains information specific to data […]
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