Developing an Mobile Device Security Reference Architecture – Your Help Needed

Several times in recent months, I have been asked to recommend some sort of mobile device security reference architecture. My initial reaction was sure, let’s have a look and see what Google brings up and we can evaluate those architectures. To my surprise, nothing came back! It seems therefore that right now the World is […]
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Identifying Android Security Vulnerabilities with the Mercury Assessment Framework

In a recent post ( I mentioned the Mercury assessment framework which is a great tool for analyzing the security of Android devices. In this post which is intended to be the first of a series on using the Mercury framework, I’m taking a look at getting started with the framework. In future posts, I’ll show you how to […]
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Web Sites for Mobile Devices

Whilst the main theme of this blog is native mobile applications, I thought I’d digress a little and look at building Web sites which work with mobile devices. I’ve built a few mobile Web sites recently and each time, I question why bother? Surely, with modern mobile browsers, we can just use the normal (desktop) […]
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Patent Wars

Every time I read or hear something about the ongoing battle between Apple and the various manufacturers of Android  devices, I get the desire to scream. Will you please stop! For obvious reasons, I can’t comment on who is right or wrong with regard to this ridiculous battle, I do however feel that the only […]
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NFC a Security Risk?

Ever since NFC appeared, I been waiting for it to be used as the basis of an attack. I’m not particularly delighted to report that my concerns have been vindicated: Security researchers at the EuSecWest Conference in Amsterdam demonstrated an attack which allowed them to install any file onto a Samsung Galaxy S3 via NFC. The good […]
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