Identifying Content Provider Security Flaws

One of the most common security vulnerabilities in Android is unprotected content providers. Content providers are an elegant method by which Android makes data available to applications. Android it’s self has providers for a variety of internal data such as contacts, SMS, photo’s etc. It’s straight-forward for developers to create their own contact providers and […]
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Developing an Mobile Device Security Reference Architecture – Your Help Needed

Several times in recent months, I have been asked to recommend some sort of mobile device security reference architecture. My initial reaction was sure, let’s have a look and see what Google brings up and we can evaluate those architectures. To my surprise, nothing came back! It seems therefore that right now the World is […]
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Identifying Android Security Vulnerabilities with the Mercury Assessment Framework

In a recent post ( I mentioned the Mercury assessment framework which is a great tool for analyzing the security of Android devices. In this post which is intended to be the first of a series on using the Mercury framework, I’m taking a look at getting started with the framework. In future posts, I’ll show you how to […]
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Web Sites for Mobile Devices

Whilst the main theme of this blog is native mobile applications, I thought I’d digress a little and look at building Web sites which work with mobile devices. I’ve built a few mobile Web sites recently and each time, I question why bother? Surely, with modern mobile browsers, we can just use the normal (desktop) […]
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Paging With Collection Views (Part 2)

In last week’s post, I showed how a collection view with paging enabled and cells sized to fill the collection view’s bounds makes for an easy implementation of a paged user interface. In this week’s post we’ll complete the example by adding a page control as seen on apps like the standard iOS Weather app. […]
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