Does the object-oriented paradigm deliver on its promises?

I’ve been programming using the object-oriented (OO) paradigm for most of my career. It’s the dominant paradigm in enterprise software development and has been for some time. I’ve used, and use, other paradigms, such as functional programming, but, like most software developers, the bulk of my time as been spent using OO languages, such as […]
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Localizing ASP.NET MVC routes/URLs

Most websites now use some form of “pretty” URL. Gone are the days of URLs that exposed the relative path structure of the server…ending in “Default.aspx”. There are many benefits to decoupling your URLs from the underlying technology. URLs should really be viewed as part of the presentation layer. They are part of the user […]
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Face and Emotion Detection using Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services provide tools to help you include powerful, machine-based artificial intelligence in your applications. There are a range of APIs covering: computer vision speech recognition language understanding knowledge exploration search In this article, we’ll be looking at two APIs in the computer vision areas: Face API Emotion API The Face API allows us […]
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How to Mock Entity Framework’s DbContext for Unit Testing

One of the frustrating things (there are more) when trying to mock Microsoft’s Entity Framework ORM is that it isn’t unit test friendly. In practice, I tend to wrap the Entity Framework classes in a repository abstraction layer, which gives me control over the interface, so writing unit tests becomes a relatively trivial exercise. The problem […]
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Excel: Creating an RTD Server with C#

Excel Realtime Data (RTD) Servers The goal of an RTD server is to provide updates to values in Excel worksheet cells. While “realtime” is something of a misnomer, updates are often scheduled to occur as often as every second, keeping the worksheet on a constantly up-to-date basis. RTD servers can be tricky to implement. The […]
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