Error in Deploying to the Google App Engine

Yesterday I wanted to deploy a new application to the Google App Engine. Having done this many many times I was somewhat surprised that the deployment failed with the following message:

Deploying app_id to Google has encountered a problem 401 unauthorized Must authenticate first

No more details than this were provided. My initial reaction was that the credentials were wrong, but having verified that these were ok, I then spent much longer than I wanted to trying to find the solution. The solution, when I found it was not obvious nor is it still clear as to actually why Google report the error this way – but the main thing is it solved the problem.

I had not noticed that my system clock was forward by 2 days – I do not know why I decided to change this and retry but thats what I did and things went back to normal. My experience of the Google App engine has been totally positive, and thought it worth posting on this glitch I found in case it may save somebody some time in the future.


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