How ITIL Practitioner Adds Value to the Existing ITIL Qualification Framework?

The new qualification didn’t go down as the best news for many students initially as they thought it would be an extra qualification to do in order to achieve the ITIL expert, which later proved not to be case thankfully to many who has this concern.

The ITIL Practitioner is a qualification can only be taken once the ITIL Foundation certification has been achieved. However, it is not stated that it must be taken immediately after the Foundation course, in fact the ITIL Practitioner qualification can be taken before or after all the intermediate courses that you may take. It can also be taken in between the intermediate journey in reaching to become an ITIL expert.

Do you have the desire to become an ITIL expert? Are you only considering doing the ITIL Foundation? Are you only thinking about taking one or maybe two ITIL intermediates?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the ITIL Practitioner course is ideal for you! The value this course brings to the ITIL qualification structure is that it allows students to take their ITIL route and on completion to take this qualification to allow them to take away key skills to implement the relevant best practice principles back at their organization.

I recently had a student who only had the funding for 2 ITIL courses each year. I recommended that they consider taking the ITIL foundation and then the ITIL Practitioner, as oppose to taking an intermediate course. The rationale behind this was that there will probably be a gap of 6-12 months before the next course and in that time I would find it more valuable to implement some basic principles that have been discussed. For this particular student no real business value would be received by taking 2 courses focused solely on knowledge intake and no focus on practical implementation. I recommended to the student is this example that the intermediate courses should be taken immediately after the ITIL practitioner.

I’m the first to appreciate that no everyone needs or wants to become an ITIL expert. Most students will probably end up taking one intermediate or potentially stopping their journey after the ITIL foundation. It’s so important that these students in particular see the need for this certification as it will allow them to make the best use of the limited knowledge they have gained in their short ITIL journey.


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