Microsoft Announces Private Cloud Solution: Hyper-V Cloud

With the recent announcements Microsoft made enhancing the Azure PaaS offering, they have now announced comprehensive support for private clouds, their Hyper-V cloud. In response to customer demand for private clouds and the associated advantages they provide , better use of IT resources, elastic scalability, self-service etc, Microsoft has provided an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for private clouds.

Hyper-V cloud offers three different approaches to building a private cloud.

Build your own requires buying hardware from recommended partners and software from Microsoft to build your own on-premise cloud. Microsoft has signed deals with Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM and NEC as recommended hardware partners.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track is an approach where an off-the-shelf private cloud can be purchased from the above hardware partners which includes the appropriate software from Microsoft. The advantage of this approach over build your own is that the approach reduces risk and speeds deployment of the private cloud based on the experience of the Microsoft partners. The partners also offer the potential to customise the cloud to meet exactly an organisations requirements.

Use a service provider who will host the private cloud for you off-premise. Microsoft already has over 70 service providers offering private clouds based on Microsoft technology, a list of the providers can be found here.

These announcements are without doubt an exciting proposition, and after a slow start with Azure, begin to position Microsoft as the organisation that has the most comprehensive cloud computing offering, providing Software as a Service (SaaS) through its online application programs, PaaS through Azure and now IaaS for on-premise private clouds as well as on Azure too. If they manage to deliver on their promise, this will be a set of solutions that will leave Amazon and Google trailing.

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