New Course: Mobile Application and Device Security: Hands-On

Learning Tree is introducing a new course in October entitled “Mobile Application And Device Security” (Course 2781). You can find the details at the course page. Just about every technical publication seems to have articles about BYOD or mobile device security. This is a big issue for most enterprises. Everyone seems to have a table they love or at least a smart phone with access to company resources. Last week the author of the new course, Mike Way, took the time to answer a few questions about the course:

Me: The title of this course is “Mobile Application and Device Security: Hands-On”.  What are the core issues of mobile device security? Does it apply to my personal device I use at work as well as the ones my employer provides?

Mike: Mobile devices come in a wide variety of different forms with many different operating systems and widely varying installed applications. All of these factors combine to introduce new security challenges. Amongst other issues, the course explores protecting data on devices and in transit, best security practice in developing applications and device management options. The course covers security issue from the perspective of an employer. For an increasing number of organizations, that involves providing access for both provisioned and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices.

Me: This course is a Hands-On course. What types of exercises are in the course?

Mike: There are a wide range of exercises ranging from exploring information leakage from an iPhone backup through to writing code to use RSA encryption on an Android device.

Me: Who is the target audience, specifically what technical background do you expect participants to have?

Mike: The course is targeted at those developing mobile applications and securing mobile devices. We expect that attendees will have some knowledge of mobile application development. Having said that, the course is structured in such a way that even those with no programming knowledge will gain from the course.

Me: Does the course apply whether I have Android or Apple products or even some other technology?

Mike The course handles many issues in a platform-agnostic way. Our practical exercises revolve around both iPhone and Android but many of the principles (if not the specific techniques) apply to other devices.

This sounds to me like a valuable new course directly in line with what the industry is saying right now. If you are signed up for this course, or you take it, please let us know what you think.

John McDermott

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