Error in Deploying to the Google App Engine

Yesterday I wanted to deploy a new application to the Google App Engine. Having done this many many times I was somewhat surprised that the deployment failed with the following message: Deploying app_id to Google has encountered a problem 401 unauthorized Must authenticate first No more details than this were provided. My initial reaction was […]
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.NET 4 Programming Course – Day 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the first day of a new Learning Tree course on .NET 4 Programming. Day 2 of the new .NET 4 Programming course began by covering WCF RESTful DataServices.  This greatly simplifies access to data-oriented services by taking advantage of Microsoft Entity Framework, WCF and the Open Data Protocol.  It’s very impressive […]
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First Run of Learning Tree Course – .NET 4 Programming

A couple months ago, I wrote about a new class that Learning Tree was developing,” .NET 4 Programming for Existing .NET Developers: Hands-On.” (See my prior post: New Learning Tree .NET Course for Experienced .NET Developers.) Today, I’m attending the beta run of that course, which is being taught by the author, Gérard Frantz.  Gérard […]
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Creating Amazon EC2 Machine Instances (AMIs) for Test Servers

Recently, I had to add some features to one of my servers running on Amazon EC2.  Not surprisingly, I was afraid I might break something that was already deployed.  So, I needed a test server. A test server should, ideally, be exactly like the production server being tested — same hardware, same version of the operating […]
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Oracle Cloud Computing Solutions

Not so long ago Larry Ellison referred to Cloud Computing as a “computer attached to a network”. I was thus interested to hear two recent announcements from Oracle related to Cloud Computing. The first announcement was the certification of a wide variety of Oracle applications for running on Amazon EC2. Applications such as Oracle E-Business […]
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