Red Hat’s PaaS Strategy Avoids Vendor Lock-In

Red Hat have been positioning themselves over the last two years as a cloud product provider. Programs such as their partner program have provided customers with a level of confidence that their partners can deliver safe, scalable and highly supported cloud environments. Last week they announced a comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud strategy, […]
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Azure for New Projects

I have been hearing a lot of comments lately about Microsoft Azure. Some of what I’ve heard has to do with the perceived pain of migrating existing ASP.NET applications. I know Microsoft says it is supposed to be easy but the fact is that there are some new skills required. Most likely there will be […]
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Business Analysis Technique: Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria

According to the BABOK® Guide, acceptance and evaluation criteria is one of the 16 required techniques in the fundamental knowledge base of an effective business analyst.   So let’s take a closer look at what this technique actually is and think about how we might apply it on our projects.  Acceptance criteria These define a minimal […]
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More Than A Million Reasons the Cloud May Be Safe

I am back on the theme of cloud security. Why cloud security again ? Because cloud security raised its head again last week on a consultancy assignment I undertook. My client requires a new business application. This is available as Software as a Service(SaaS), but can also be purchased as a self hosted application. On […]
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Optimizing Windows Azure Services using WCF, REST and JSON

When XML was first proposed it must have been a spoof.  The problem is, nobody got the joke.  Let’s say we had a database of pets and we wanted to export some data.  One choice could be a comma-separated file.  The data might look something like this: The first row is for the headers.  If someone […]
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