PMI Piloting New Portfolio Management Certification

Portfolio managers, there is a new portfolio management approach in town!  The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently announced that they are piloting a new portfolio management certification credential addressing your activities across the portfolio management life cycle while focusing on delivering measurable benefits to your business.  It is nice to see a complete set of credentials from PMI covering projects, programs and portfolios. Portfolio management contributes to your organization’s strategic objectives by translating those objectives into a set of programs and projects that facilitate change.

The new certification is called Portfolio Management Professional, or PfMPSM.

PMI’s Portfolio Management Professional credential recognizes the advanced experience and skill of portfolio managers. Successfully achieving this certification proves your ability to coordinate and manage of one or more portfolios  achieving your organization’s strategic objectives. According to PMI’s recent announcement on their website, ” … credential holders are responsible for the execution of the portfolio management process, communication around portfolio progress, and recommendations for action. Where project and program managers are responsible for ‘doing work right,’ this is an ideal credential if you are responsible for ensuring your organization is ‘doing the right work.’ ”

The pilot for this certification will be starting soon, and qualified candidates are being invited to participate in the pilot effort.  It sure would be cool to become one of the first people to achieve this certification during 2013.  I think I may give this new certification a try myself, how about you? Check out the details and dates for the new certification and the pilot efforts on the PMI website.

Happy portfolio management certification!

Susan Weese

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