Private Cloud Computing Training Course

Since I wrote Learning Tree’s first Cloud Computing course eighteen months ago, a number of related courses have been developed including:

All of these provide attendees with the vital skills required to make the most appropriate use of Cloud Computing for their organisations. With the rapid uptake in Cloud Computing it is interesting to see that organisations want to not only deploy public cloud solutions but now more and more private clouds.

To gain the knowledge required to deploy a private cloud computing solution, a wide range of business and technical knowledge is required as well as product specific details. As an example, deploying a private cloud can be achieved by provisioning an off-premise infrastructure from a provider such as Amazon or Rackspace for example or hosting it on-premise. An appropriate solution may be a hybrid private cloud handling different traffic types on the on-premise and off-premise clouds. Security will also be a primary concern as well as regulatory compliance for many organisations. The different type of storage types must also be considered for security, performance and durability. On-premise private clouds are available from many vendors such as Eucalyptus, OpenStack, Open Nebula, Hyper-V to name a few.

The new Learning Tree Cloud Computing course will address all the above subjects and more and provide attendees with the skills required to design and implement a private cloud appropriate for their organisation. I will keep you informed on the progress of the course development as it progresses.

Chris Czarnecki

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