Requirements Traceability – Part 4 of 4: Using the Coverage Matrix Technique

In this final post of the four-part traceability series, we will look at a recommended traceability technique. The coverage matrix technique is specific to the “manage requirements traceability” task in the BABOK® Guide. Basically, a coverage matrix is a table or spreadsheet used to manage and facilitate tracing of requirements. This simple approach is used on simple projects where there are only a few requirements or on projects where traceability is very limited and not too detailed.

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding between using a tool and using a manual spreadsheet approach to tracing requirements and building your coverage matrix. These factors include:

Number of requirements: Generally, complex projects have more requirements which generate a greater need for a traceability tool.  In complex systems, the business analyst must strive to limit the traceability information that is maintained to a usable and reasonable set of data.

Estimated system lifetime: The longer a system or solution will be used within an organization, the greater the need for traceability using either a tool or a spreadsheet.  This will assist the team in evaluating the impacts of changes to the operational solution.  You also need to consider if this system is critical or non-critical to daily operations.

Level of organizational maturity: Traceability tools are easier to acquire and use when your requirements development and project management processes are mature.

Producing the traced requirements is a necessary step in creating the approved requirements for a project. Traced requirements are strongly recommended as an accompaniment to the approved requirements for your project. They can also assist you in maintaining requirements for re-use on your future projects.

Thank you for reading and thinking about this four-part traceability series of posts, I appreciate your attention and your comments.  As always, happy tracing!

Susan Weese

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