New Year’s Resolution: Back Up Your Data

Two years ago I wrote about backing up your personal data using cloud services, and specifically using Amazon’s Glacier service. I’m writing this post a couple of weeks after New Year’s Day, a time of year to think about getting into better habits. Let’s take another look at this. Some simple commands that you learn […]
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Yes, Virginia, You Seem To Have A Problem

The most popular Amazon Web Services region has the most problems.  What is going on? Amazon’s US-East region is nominally referred to as “Northern Virginia”, although that’s just its main or at least most prominent geographic location. This region includes so-called Edge Locations throughout the eastern United States, including three sites in New York city […]
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When Will People Learn How To Safely Use Amazon Web Services?

Another month, another minor AWS outage, and people still don’t get it. Starting about 11 AM on October 22, 2012, a small percentage of the EBS (or Elastic Block Storage) volumes within a single availability zone in the US-East-1 region began to suffer degraded performance. The problem degraded further with ripple effects on services that […]
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