Who Will Maintain Your “Shadow IT”?

Last week and the week before I told about how a vulnerable cloud server was deployed and exploited, only noticed when the cloud provider’s IDS spotted the problem. In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we discuss the prevalence of “Shadow IT”, or the unauthorized and unrecorded purchase of cloud services. Now a recent survey […]
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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution With Cloud Backup

Last month I urged you to take advantage of very inexpensive and easy-to-use cloud storage services and protect your precious personal data — digital photographs and more. Amazon Glacier seems to be the way to go, it’s just US$ 0.01 per gigabyte per month. As we discuss in Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course, you […]
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Fear and Loathing in the Cloud

We were somewhere around Baltimore on Amtrak’s northbound Acela Express when the drugs began to take hold. Mind you, it was only ibuprofin, so the sky was not full of what looked like huge bats, but still… (See here if you don’t get the allusion) I had broken my shoulder badly and undergone surgery. That […]
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Large and Small Clouds Close, Hang On To Your Data!

In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we caution that any move into the cloud needs to be preceded by careful consideration of how you will get your data and operation back out again. Availability is the leg of the CIA triad effected by business pressures. We just got another reminder of this. Nirvanix was […]
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BYOD? I Hope You Didn’t Really Want That Data

Last week I talked about the importance of being able to get your data out of the cloud. After all, that’s an aspect of availability. Earlier this year I passed along the news from Symantec’s State of Information Report that more and more data is being stored “outside the firewall”. Some people will say “Well, […]
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