Never Go Into A Place Without Knowing How To Get Out

Never Go Into A Place Without Knowing How To Get Out Sam, Robert DeNiro’s mercenary character in the movie Ronin, prowled around behind a cafe and hid a pistol behind a crate of bottles before entering the cafe’s front door for a meeting. He explained this by saying “I never walk into a place I […]
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Clouds Fade Away, And They Can Take Your Data With Them

In Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course we discuss how the Availability leg of the CIA tripod is the different and difficult one. We have no cryptographic tools, and therefore no mathematics to apply. So, we can’t honestly put hard numbers on projections of availability. We can be pretty sure that it’s less than 100%, […]
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Spring Cleaning in September

Last week I cleaned up my office. I replaced my desk, took out a work table and threw out a lot of junk that had built up over the last couple decades. I’m not sure why I did it last week, but that’s the way it goes. One thing I did was to purge some […]
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