Ch … Ch … Changes in the Cloud!

Wow! You take a few months break from teaching cloud computing and when you come back to it things are not the same. Most notably, there are several significant new features in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Let’s first take a look at Azure. The Management Portal has completely changed. It now has a […]
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Committing to the Cloud

When I teach Learning Tree’s Introduction to Cloud Computing course I often get questions about how components from different public cloud vendors can be used together in an integrated application. The answer, of course, is: “it all depends on the application.” Here I would like to give a more comprehensive response than that. This will […]
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Compare Cloud Security to Your Security

There’s an assumption people make that if they put their data in the cloud it is less secure. There are three aspects to security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. They are known as the CIA security model. Confidentiality Private data is kept confidential using encryption. This might require encrypting the data in the database. When transporting […]
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Microsoft Release Azure SDK 1.5

Anybody who has been working with Azure from its earliest release will appreciate that both the platform and the associated development tools have improved beyond recognition from the early days. Its good to know that the rate of development is being maintained by Microsoft and the recent release of the Windows Azure SDK 1.5 and […]
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LightSwitch Released!

Last week Microsoft announced that LightSwitch for Visual Studio, which had been in Beta2 since March, is now a released product. Those of you who have been following this blog may know that I am a fan of LightSwitch. Okay maybe I’m not quite a fanboy, but I do like it! LightSwitch has been featured […]
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