How Do LVM and RAID Compare?

LVM is storage distributed across several physical disks, which tempts people into thinking it has the same benefits as RAID. But in some ways LVM and RAID are opposites! In Learning Tree’s Linux server administration course we teach you about LVM, but we don’t try to convince you that it’s either great or dangerous. It […]
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Avoid Fragmentation: Newer is Better

File system fragmentation sounds like a dreary topic, but nothing is as tedious as waiting for a sluggish system. Because the disks are the slowest components in the system by a large margin, careful attention to file system layout and fragmentation reduction can yield large gains. “Newer is Better” in several ways, let’s look at […]
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Linux File Systems: Heading Toward Btrfs

I’ve recently told you about the Ext–Ext2–Ext3–Ext4 series of Linux file systems, and the XFS file system originally invented by Silicon Graphics and now the default file system in many Linux distributions. Where are things going? Enterprise-Class File Systems Linux came from humble beginnings, just consider Linus Torvalds’ original announcement. Meanwhile the engineers at Sun […]
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